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Members' Biographies 

Jed Byers, First Trumpet, began playing in the third grade. He abandoned his studies after a few months only to return to them a year later. Since then, he has gone on to be one of the our most valuable members. In addition to his concert and marching band work at Edison, Jed has played in the Fresno honor band and orchestra. He has studied under Lloyd Ellis and Ron Franklin. Jed was one of the chief inspirations of the Brass and still utilizes his leadership abilities as their conductor. Jed also works on the Edison Illuminator newspaper as the assistant chief editor.

Jordan Suhr, French Horn, is by far the most versatile player in the Brass. He began playing the French horn in forth grade and quickly progressed to the trumpet, tuba, and percussion. Because of his well rounded musical ability, Jordan gives the Brass the option of selecting pieces that do not follow the traditional brass quintet instrumentation. In addition to being the principal horn in the Edison high school concert band, Jordan is an enthusiastic member of both the Edison marching and pep bands. He has studied the horn under Ed Hull and Dr. Winter, among others. When not playing music, Jordan can be found practicing Tae Kwan Do at Break the Barriers.

Richard Kunz, French Horn, is the most recent addition to the Brass. He began his horn studies in the fourth grade and added the trumpet this year. He plays in the Edison high school concert and marching bands while still finding time to participate in the Fresno Junior Symphony. His great orchestral and ensemble experience made him a logical choice for the Brass. He currently studies the horn under John Webster. In addition to the horn, Richard is an active member of his church youth group. He will travel to Mexico this April with them to to take part in missionary work.

Brian Stepanek, Tenor Trombone, was born and raised in Fresno, CA. Brian began playing the euphonium in his school band at the age of ten and added the trombone four years later. He has been a member of the concert, marching, and jazz bands at Edison high school, and presently plays the trombone in the Fresno City Community Orchestra. He has studied the trombone under Meryl Wamhoff. In addition to his playing duties, Brian also handles PR and booking for the Brass. Outside of music, he enjoys flying, and is currently pursuing a private pilot license. After attending college he plans to pursue a career in aviation while maintaining his interest in music.

Welcome to our newest members!

John Dodds, Tenor and Bass Trombone. Biography Coming Soon.

Nathan Sunderson, Second Trumpet. Biography Coming Soon.

Sanjiva Gunasekara, Tenor and Bass Trombone. Biography Coming Soon.

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